Sunday, August 22, 2010

Elf $1 Lipsticks Swatches, Pictures, Review

ELF recently released a new collection of lipsticks to their $1 line. The collection includes six new colors ranging from pink and nudes to corals and reds. I purchased five of the six colors, Classy, Fantasy, Gypsy, Voodoo and Posh.

Classy is a lighter pink shade and could even be considered a pinky nude if applied lightly. It is somewhat similar to runway pink, which is a color in the ELF mineral collection line, but it is a little darker and feels more moisturizing. Classy is one of my favorites of the new collection.

Classy, Gypsy, Fantasy, Voodoo and Posh (note: fantasy and voodoo are darker in person)

Fantasy is a brown to nude color. It appears to be a brown color in the tube and when swatched, but is a very nice nude color, even for lighter skin tones. I can definitely vouch for the porcelain skinned girls that it is even light enough for you if applied lightly. If applied with a heavy-hand or with two coats, it will show-up as a medium to dark brown. Overall, I really like this shade and say give it a try.

Classy, Gypsy, Fantasy and Voodoo

Gypsy is a fuchsia, berry pink color. It is really bright, yet deep at the same time. The color is buildable and can be applied sheer for a lighter fuchsia pink-toned lip or built-up to be a deep berry color. Right now, I'm loving Gypsy and I think it will be one of my favorite colors for fall. It is a great transitioning shade from your lighter pink summer shades, but isn't super deep like winter shade.

Voodoo is a burnt orange-red shade. This is a great shade for fall if you are looking for a warm-toned lipstick. I find that the shade doesn't look very well on me, so fair tones may want to avoid this shade, but it is suitable for medium skin.

Classy, Gypsy, Fantasy, Voodoo and Posh

Posh is a nice, deep red color. This shade is also very buildable. Dab it on for a sheer red coverage or stained effect, or build it up for a sexy dramatic lip. I would place the shade in the middle, not my favorite, but not bad either.

These lipsticks are a tremendous bargain, however, there a couple cons. The lipsticks do not roll all the way down into the tube, which can cause the lid to hit the top of the lipstick when placing it back on, so be careful with the covers. The lipsticks also aren't very sturdy in the tube. I always feel like I have to be very gentle when applying them because it feels as though the lipstick is going to break. The lipstick does move around a bit, and I have had to push them forward some because they hit the sides after putting it on my lips.

Classy, Gypsy, Fantasy, Voodoo and Posh

However, there are a lot of positives also. They have a nice subtle cherry scent. As mentioned before, they are buildable, which makes the colors easier to wear for most skin tones. They feel really moisturizing on my lips, much more than their mineral lipsticks (which were actually a bit drying). And, of course, the best positive of all, they are only $1 and even cheaper with a discount coupon code. I would highly recommend these lipsticks as long as you aren't rough with your makeup because they are quite delicate when it comes to packaging.

(Note: Since posting this, I have bought the last shade, seductive, and it fits in the same quality-wise. Good color payoff, moisturizing, etc. It is a medium coral shade.)

My Youtube video review of ELF $1 Lipsticks


Anonymous said...

finally some dollar line lipsticks from elf ill have to give these a go

Pauxie said...

I like classy

Jasmine said...

just did a whole review on these lipsticks! with swatches and everything.

I have alot of reviews of elf products! enjoy

Helen said...

I have to get these! tnx for the swatches

Gail said...

lolz promoing her blog on others blogs

Anonymous said...

whoa these look brite for only a dollar

Monique said...

these look good from the swatch

Karol said...

did you hear abt the new elf matte lipsticks? looking forward to those

glamatronic said...

@Karol Yes, I just ordered the matte lipsticks a couple days ago. They should be here in one or two weeks. elf shipping takes awhile, but ill do a review when i get them.

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