Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pinup Girl Makeup Tutorial

To achieve a pinup look, you will need smooth skin, rosey cheeks, natural eyes with winged liner, and bright red lips

Step one: Prep Skin
To look like a pinup, smooth skin is a must. Pinups always have soft, creamy skin. Exfoliate your face if there are any rough patches, and then apply some moisturizer or makeup primer.

Step two: Conceal and Cover
If you have any flaws, such dark circles, blemishes, or scars, use a concealer to cover them up as best as possible. Then, apply a medium to full coverage foundation with a stippling brush, while using a patting motion. This will give the skin that soft creamy airbrushed look we are going for.

Step three: Set Foundation
Next, set your foundation with a translucent powder to give it a more silky finished look and to prevent the foundation from rubbing off as easily.

Step four: Blush
Pinup girls usually had rosey cheeks. Grab your favorite rosey toned blush and apply to the apples of the cheeks while blending upward. If you have less prominent cheek bones, also apply a bit of contouring powder, or a matte bronzer, to the hollows of your cheeks and blend downward. This will make the area above the hollows (your cheek bones) pop out more.

Step five: EyeshadowPinup girls usually had natural looking eyeshadow, so prime your eyes with an eyeshadow primer and cover the lids with an off white or light creamy beige color. Then use a medium to dark brown shade in the crease and outer corner. Be sure to blend the darker color in with the lighter color. Don't forget to apply a highlight color under your brow bone to give your eye some lift.
I suggest using the Too Faced Natural Eye Kit, it has all the colors you need to make the perfect pinup eye.

Step six: Eyeliner
Pinup girls desired the doe-eyed look. So to make your eyes appear larger and rounder, line your water line with a white liner. Then take a black pencil and line the bottom of your eyes to about the center (I lined mine a little further because that's how I like it). Then, use a black liquid liner on the top lashes, and extend the line out past the corner of your and slant it up slightly. This will give your eyes more of a sexy look.

Step seven: Lashes
Nothing finishes off a doe-eyed sexy eye like long luscious lashes. Use your favorite and darkest mascara and apply two to three coats. If you prefer even more length and volume, apply some falsies.

Step eight: Lips
Last, but definitely not least, is the bright red lips. Pinups signature look is almost always defined by full red lips. Take a red lip liner and line the outside of your lips and then fill them in completely. Then, take a your favorite ruby lipcolor and apply it over the liner. Finally, get a bit of gloss and place it in the center. You should now have full, bright red lips. (Use Too Faced Runway Red or for a cheaper alternative, try NYX Snow White.)

And now you are finished! If you follow these steps, you will achieve a classic pinup look. Have fun recreating and be sure to email me some pictures if you try the look out.


Anonymous said...

What lipstick did you use?

Sosha said...
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laundryroomlaureate said...

This is my favorite tutorial so far!

glamatronic said...

Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

This make up looks great on you

Anonymous said...

epic fail

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