Sunday, February 20, 2011

How To Achieve Flawless Skin in 7 Easy Steps (Updated)

Step One: Remove all dirt and oil from your face with face-wash and exfoliate if your skin is looking dull. Exfoliating is necessary to remove dead skin cells and keep your skin feeling soft and looking bright.

Step Two: Apply moisturizer and/or a makeup primer. Moisturizer is important to keep skin soft and help prevent the skin from aging. The primer will provide a nice smooth base for your makeup.

Step Three: Use concealer underneath the eyes and on any discoloration
or spots on the face. If you have a lot of redness, which is typically found around the sides of the nose or on the chin, apply a dab of green concealer and blend out. I've found that a yellow-based concealer works best under the eyes.

Step Four: Grab your usual foundation. I recommend trying out Revlon ColorStay because it stays on better than any foundation I've ever tried. This foundation also has formulas for both combo/oily and normal/dry skin and comes in variety of different shades. To achieve flawless looking skin with a more airbrushed look, I recommend to apply the foundation with a stippling brush and use a patting motion to spread the foundation out. Do not spread it with your fingers. It is okay to dab on foundation and later spread it out with a brush, if preferred, but fingers will get dirt and oil on your face and in your pores. Also, do not use a sponge unless you plan on tossing it afterward. Using a sponge several times without washing it will cause a growth of bacteria and you will be spreading the bacteria all over your skin.

Step Five: Apply an High Definition finishing powder. My favorite version of HD powder is elf studio high definition powder. While applying the powder, use a flat topped brush. Be sure to tap off excess powder on the brush before applying it to your face. Do Not rub the brush all over the face. Use a dabbing motion, the same way you applied the foundation and buff the powder into your skin. 

Step Six:  Blush. I recommend using a fluffy angled brush to apply your blush.
Start at the apples of your cheeks and be sure not to start too close to the nose area, which is a common mistake people make. Then, blend backwards and up towards your temples. Apply more lightly the higher up you get and stop when you get about to the level of your eyes. This will provide you with more color and make your skin look more alive and have a healthy glow to it.

Step Seven: If you would like your face to have a dewy glow, you will need a highlighter. If you have a shimmery blush in lighter shade, that will work also. Simply take the highlighter on a small brush and starting at a point that looks about the middle of your eye, apply the highlighter to the very top of your cheek bone. Curve the highlight around from that middle eye level as if you were going to draw a C shape while following the bone, but stop just before getting to the level of the corner of your eye. You may also apply a little highlighter on the forehead and on the cupids bow above your lip, depending on how much of a glow you want. Just be careful not to apply too much.

Now you should have flawless looking skin. Enjoy :)

  Images from Google images. Credit goes to rightful owner.


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