Monday, March 1, 2010

Spring Nail Polish Trends/Review

Baby blues, lovely lilacs, pastel pinks, and even more fun nail polish colors have recently hit the shelves of drugstores and salons. Several different trends are happening this spring in nail polish land, and I happen to love them all.

Trend #1- Creamy Lilacs and other light purples

Trend #2- Pastels, especially mint colors

Trend #3- Nudes

The lilac trend. Who doesn't love purple? I know I've always loved it, and these pretty purple shades are a great way to celebrate the entrance of spring and all its colors. My pick for one of the best purples this spring is Lively Lilac (pictured above) from the Sally Hansen Insta-Dry line.

Pastels, pastels, and more pastels. You are more likely to find the creamy pastels in salons with the higher end nail polish brands, such as OPI, Essie, and China Glaze, but it seems some drugstore brands have also figured out the trend in time for spring.
Wet 'N' Wild has a new beautiful pastel pink, tickled pink (pictured above). It does require two to three coats, but its still gorgeous. They also have a pastel, yet neon, orange color called Sunny Side Up (pictured above). The good thing about this color is that it will also be in style for this summer. (Sssp... The Summer trend will be neons!). And If you are searching for a drugstore minty shade, try Sinful Colors in Mint Candy Apple (pictured below).

A nude lip isn't the only nude thing in right now...Yeah, that's right...I'm talking nude nails! Maybe pastel and color isn't your thing or maybe you work somewhere more conservative. The great thing about this trend is nude nails go with everything and can be worn anywhere. There is also a different shade of nude sure to please almost everyone. There are light pinkey nudes, slightly brown nudes, and even purpley grey nudes (yes,those verge on not being nude, but we can get away with it). My pick for favorite mauvey pink nude is Hot Cocoa from the Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro line. I also like their Steel Grey, which is more of a plumy nude.

Overall, everyone has a lot of pretty colors to choose from this spring. If you think these colors are bright, just wait until the summer polishes hit shelves... and expect a nice review about them from me when they do :)


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