Sunday, August 22, 2010

Elf $1 Lipsticks Swatches, Pictures, Review

ELF recently released a new collection of lipsticks to their $1 line. The collection includes six new colors ranging from pink and nudes to corals and reds. I purchased five of the six colors, Classy, Fantasy, Gypsy, Voodoo and Posh.

Classy is a lighter pink shade and could even be considered a pinky nude if applied lightly. It is somewhat similar to runway pink, which is a color in the ELF mineral collection line, but it is a little darker and feels more moisturizing. Classy is one of my favorites of the new collection.

Classy, Gypsy, Fantasy, Voodoo and Posh (note: fantasy and voodoo are darker in person)

Fantasy is a brown to nude color. It appears to be a brown color in the tube and when swatched, but is a very nice nude color, even for lighter skin tones. I can definitely vouch for the porcelain skinned girls that it is even light enough for you if applied lightly. If applied with a heavy-hand or with two coats, it will show-up as a medium to dark brown. Overall, I really like this shade and say give it a try.

Classy, Gypsy, Fantasy and Voodoo

Gypsy is a fuchsia, berry pink color. It is really bright, yet deep at the same time. The color is buildable and can be applied sheer for a lighter fuchsia pink-toned lip or built-up to be a deep berry color. Right now, I'm loving Gypsy and I think it will be one of my favorite colors for fall. It is a great transitioning shade from your lighter pink summer shades, but isn't super deep like winter shade.

Voodoo is a burnt orange-red shade. This is a great shade for fall if you are looking for a warm-toned lipstick. I find that the shade doesn't look very well on me, so fair tones may want to avoid this shade, but it is suitable for medium skin.

Classy, Gypsy, Fantasy, Voodoo and Posh

Posh is a nice, deep red color. This shade is also very buildable. Dab it on for a sheer red coverage or stained effect, or build it up for a sexy dramatic lip. I would place the shade in the middle, not my favorite, but not bad either.

These lipsticks are a tremendous bargain, however, there a couple cons. The lipsticks do not roll all the way down into the tube, which can cause the lid to hit the top of the lipstick when placing it back on, so be careful with the covers. The lipsticks also aren't very sturdy in the tube. I always feel like I have to be very gentle when applying them because it feels as though the lipstick is going to break. The lipstick does move around a bit, and I have had to push them forward some because they hit the sides after putting it on my lips.

Classy, Gypsy, Fantasy, Voodoo and Posh

However, there are a lot of positives also. They have a nice subtle cherry scent. As mentioned before, they are buildable, which makes the colors easier to wear for most skin tones. They feel really moisturizing on my lips, much more than their mineral lipsticks (which were actually a bit drying). And, of course, the best positive of all, they are only $1 and even cheaper with a discount coupon code. I would highly recommend these lipsticks as long as you aren't rough with your makeup because they are quite delicate when it comes to packaging.

(Note: Since posting this, I have bought the last shade, seductive, and it fits in the same quality-wise. Good color payoff, moisturizing, etc. It is a medium coral shade.)

My Youtube video review of ELF $1 Lipsticks

Friday, August 20, 2010

Elf Shimmer Eyeliner Pencils and Back To School Palettes

Hey everyone! I recently purchased the new ELF Shimmer Eyeliner Pencils and two of their back to school eyeshadow palettes. You can watch my video on youtube to see live swatches and reviews, which will be posted at the end of the of this entry, but below are some more upclose and brighter swatches as well as my opinion on the products.

ELF Shimmer Eyeliner Pencils
The Elf shimmer pencils are only $1 and come in nine different shades. I purchased four of the shades, Plum Passion, Black Bandit, Iconic Ivory, and Twinkle Teal.

My favorite of these shades is Twinkle teal. It looks amazing paired with or put over black eyeliner or shadow. As far as the eyeliner having specks of glitter like they claim to have, I can barely see any shimmer. However, they are still really pretty.

Swatches of Twinkle Teal, Plum Passion, Iconic Ivory, and Black Bandit below

The liners are somewhat creamy and I don't have any problems with them dragging on my eyes. They are not water or smudge proof, so you have to be careful not to touch your eyes with this liner on. You can also slightly warm-up the liner to make them even creamier, which will then make the color brighter.

I do not recommend the Iconic Ivory liner. It barely shows up and it is not as creamy as the others. However, I highly recommend all of the other colors. For just $1, they are a great deal.

ELF Back To School Eyeshadow Palettes
Elf has made a line of products including glosses, eyeliners, eyeshadows and more for back to school. The palettes I purchased are the $3 ones with six shadows each. They come in two shades, Neutrals and Smokeys. There are some pictures below of the swatches.

The Neutrals Palette

The neutrals contained several shades that were very close to my skin tone, so you will not really be able to the swatches of them. Also, if you are pale as I am, I probably would recommend getting the Smokeys palette instead because so many of the neutral shades will just blend into your skin.

Neutral Swatches

An upclose look at the Smokeys Palette

The Smokeys palette is much more pigmented than the Neutrals palette. It contains a pearly white a unique olive color with a hint of silver and gold, a lilac with silver glitter, a maroon and a black with silver sparkles. Swatches of the Smokey Palette are below.

The one negative trait of these shadows is their powdery form. They get really messy and you will get powder all of your palettes. Be sure to tap off your brush several times before applying to your lid or you will get major fallout.

Overall, I would recommend these products, at only 50cents an eyeshadow, they are well worth it. If you have to pick just one, go for the Smokey. It's definitely the star of the two palettes.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mac & Disney Venomous Villains Collection

Mac is teaming up with Disney to create a new collection, Venomous Villains. Rumors of the collection have been floating around for nearly a year and the rumors are now confirmed. Mac is releasing a new limited edition line this September based on Villains from Disney movies. The collection will include new shades of lipstick, lip gloss, powders and blushes based on their chosen Disney characters.

Sneak Peak of the villains...

Mac has released an official teaser video clip. Click Here To View
What are your initial thoughts of Mac's new Venomous Villains Collection? Based on the video clip, can you guess which Disney villains will be in the collection? Which Disney characters would you like to see in Venomous Villains? Which colors do you think Mac will be using to represent each character? Leave a comment and tell me your thoughts! :)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Violet Ocean Eyes Makeup Tutorial

Summer is just around the corner, and I took inspiration from the blue/teal color of the ocean and added some purple and magenta coral to create this violet ocean eyes tutorial.

Step One: Prep and Prime Prime your eyes with your favorite primer.

Step Two: Lids Apply a teal blue color all over your lids.

Step Three: Crease Apply a medium purple color to the crease of your eye and a little above. Then blend it in with the teal color.

Step Four: Blend and Highlight Next, use a magenta color just above the purple and blend it in. Use a shimmery cream color on the brow bone and then blend in with the magenta.

Step Five: Liner Use a blueish black pencil liner to line the water line and a very small portion of your lower lash line. Use a black liquid liner and make a very thin line on the upper lash line.

Step Six: Mascara Add one to two coats of black mascara to finish up the look.

Following these steps will give you pretty violet ocean colored eyes, which looks both calming and eye catching :) Enjoy

Monday, May 3, 2010

Simple Bronze Summer Makeup Tutorial

Want a natural and healthy bronze-like glow for summer? Follow these 5 simple steps...

Step one: Face Use a tinted moisturizer or light coverage foundation. Since it is summertime, you do not need your face totally covered with makeup. If you prefer more of a glowy look, add a tiny drop of liquid bronzer in with your moisturizer or foundation.

Step two: Golden Eyeshadow Prime your eyes with your favorite eyeshadow primer. Then use a medium golden colored eyeshadow for you lids and a darker bronze color for your crease. Place a very light colored shadow with a golden shimmer under your brow bone and take some more of the medium golden color and line the bottom of the eyes from the outer corner to the center.

Step three: Liner and Mascara Depending on how natural or dramatic of a look you want, you could completely skip the eyeliner. If you want liner, but desire a more natural look, just line the top with a dark brown color. If you prefer a more dramatic look, line the top with black and half of the bottom with black and smudge it out. Don't forget to add a coat of mascara to make your eyes pop even more.

Step four: Bronzer Instead of a normal blush, use a bronzer on your cheeks and pull it up to your temples. If you want to look more tan, go over your cheeks a few more times with the bronzer, but be sure to blend it out so it doesn't look fake.

Step five: Natural Lips Use a nude colored lipstick with a golden shimmery gloss. This will bring out the golden shimmer from your eyes, while still being natural.

Products I Used
Foundation: Neutrogena Healthy Skin Makeup in Classic Ivory
Eyeshadow: Coastal Scents 88 Shimmer Palette
Eyeliner: NYC Liquid Liner in Black
Mascara: Loreal Voluminous Carbon Black
Bronzer: Elf Warm Bronzer Quad
Lips: NYX Round Lipstick Circe and Elf mineral gloss in trophy wife

That's it! This is a very simple look to do, but still very pretty. Enjoy and have fun recreating the look :)

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Lipsticks and Glosses: Commonly asked questions

With so many textures, formulas, scents, and colors, it is hard sometimes to choose the right lip products. I usually end up with two times more products I hate than like. Some I love the color, but not the texture. Others I love the texture, but the color is meh. However when I do find that one product I absolutely love and have been looking for, it feels almost like winning the makeup lottery :)

Here are some commonly asked questions about lip products, which may help you to decide which products will work best for you.

How can I make lipstick last longer?
The quality and finish of a lipstick all factors in on how long the lipstick will last, but there is a way to make it last longer. First exfoliate the lips to get all of the dry skin off. Next apply a lip balm and let it set for several minutes so that it will make the lips soft and smooth. Then apply lip liner around the lips and fill the lips in completely with the liner as if it were a lipstick. This should help the lipstick from fading as quickly.

How can I make my lips look larger?
There are a few different tricks to achieve larger lips. First, try lining the lips just outside the real line with a natural colored lip liner. Then after applying a lip color, try placing gloss in only the center. This draws the light to the center, which is the fullest part of the lips. Finally, add a bit of highlight to the bottom of the cupids bow, which also reflects light and draws attention to a fuller part of the lips and makes them a bit more noticeable.

What colors do you recommend for each skin tone?
Generally, fair skin looks best with light pink shades. Medium skin looks best with medium toned pinks and mauves, and dark skin looks best with dark pinks and plumy colors. As far as reds go, it all has to do with the undertone. If you are cool toned, you need a lipstick with a more orange base to warm the skin up. If you are warm toned, blue reds work better. However, wear whichever color you feel comfortable with. The rules do not always work on everyone. The tone of your skin, hair color, eye color, etc.. can all play a part in which colors look best on you.

Is buying expensive lipstick worth it?
I am a stickler for buying cheap makeup and hate paying high end or even middle range prices. But in all honesty, spending $14 on a mac lipstick can save money in the long run because you can try on the colors in the store. I know I have spent a lot of money on drugstore lipsticks thinking they are a good deal because they looked pretty and just like what I wanted in the tube, but they ended up being completely hideous on my lips.

On the other hand, if you are just starting to build up a lipstick collection and want to experiment with different colors and finishes, drugstore lipsticks would be a good choice.

But would I recommend super high end lipsticks costing over $30? No. I feel that the Mac lipstick is just as good, if not better, than more expensive brands. I also think that there are some $2 drugstore lipsticks that are better than the expensive brands. So paying top dollar does not always mean you are getting top products.

What is the difference between matte and cream finish lipsticks?
Many people often confuse matte and cream lipsticks. Cream lipsticks are, of course, very creamy in texture and have no shimmer, pearl, or glittery finish. The color is flat, but it has a semi glossy finish to it. Matte colors have a completely dull finish, which is what makes it different from the glossy finish of a cream. So to sum all of that up, mattes are flat in finish, while creams are glossy in finish with no shimmer or pearl.

How can you keep lipstick from drying out your lips?
Simply applying a lip balm a few minutes before your lipstick can work wonders on keeping lipsticks from drying out your lips.

What is the difference between frost and pearl?
It's hard to really define the difference between these two, but frosty lipstick has an almost metallic finish and has a very shimmery gleam. Pearl lipsticks have almost a sort of duo-chrome shine sometimes and other times more of a shiny marble finish.

What are some cheaper lipsticks you would recommend?
If you are looking for cheap lip glosses, NYX Mega Shine Lip Gloss is definitely the best. They are so unbelievable creamy and are not sticky at all. They are my favorite lip gloss of all time and are even better, in my opinion, than any expensive lip gloss I have tried. They do have a cherry scent to them, so if you hate cherry, these may not be the glosses for you. These retail for around $4.
I would also recommend the NYX Round Lipsticks. I would not rate them as highly as the Mega Shine Gloss, but they are good. As far as more readily available lipsticks, I like Rimmel and Revlon, but sadly none of these really compare to the quality of Mac lipsticks.

What are your favorite lip products?
-Nyx Mega Shine Lip Gloss
-Milani 3D Glitzy Glamour Gloss
-Mac Lipstick (in amplified cream or lustre finish)
-Avon Ultra Color Rich Lipstick
-Burt's Bees Lip Balm (in soothing cooling refreshing)
-Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipcolor
-NYX Round Lipsticks
-Palladio Tinted Lip Balm
-Rimmel Lasting Finish Intense Wear Lipstick
-Milani Lipstick

If you have anymore questions about lip products or makeup in general, feel free to email me at

Monday, March 29, 2010

Rainbow Eyeshadow Tutorial

Spring is here, and it's time welcome the warmer weather with a rainbow of color. Ever have a day where you can't decide which eyeshadow color to wear? Why not just wear them all? Yes, this look will show you how to incorporate several different colors on your eyes at once. You can make this look as dramatic or toned down as you like and use any combination of colors to make your rainbow.

The colors I used were... starting in the inner corner: lime green, yellow, orange, red, magenta, and purple. Then, continuing from the purple, I went around the bottom of my eyes with dark purple, indigo, teal, and blue. Note: All of these shadows can be found in Coastal Scents 88 Shimmer Palette.

First, I primed my eyelids with the ELF Mineral Primer. A primer will help to make the eyeshadow last longer. Next, I used a NYX Jumbo Pencil in Black Bean. I dotted the pencil all over the lid and up through the crease. Then, I blended and smoothed out the color. Using a black base will help the colors achieve that pop of intensity.

Now, for the eyeshadow. I took a regular fluffy eyeshadow brush and patted on lime green to the inner corner and first small section of my eyelid. Next, I took a yellow color and overlapped it just a tad with the green and blended. I then took a bright orange and overlapped the edge of the yellow a little. The next color I used was a reddish color, which i blended with the orange color, and then I took a magenta color and blended it next to the red. Then I finished the outside corner of the eye with a purple.

For the bottom of the eye, I extended the purple down around the lash line. I then took a darker purple and overlapped the lighter purple and blended them together. Then I took a teal and a blue and continued lining my eye until I reached the lime green in the corner.

Next, I lined the top and bottom of my eyes with the ELF Eyeliner Pen in midnight and applied two coats of L'Oreal Voluminous Carbon Black mascara to my lashes.

Tip: When doing an eye look this intense, it is best to use a neutral lip and light blush, but the most important thing to remember about this look is BLEND, BLEND, BLEND. Make sure each color blends in with the next color, or you eyes will look like an explosion of clown makeup.

Rainbow eyeshadow is very fun and can look great on almost anyone. Have fun recreating the look, and remember you can replace any of these colors with your own favorite colors. Have fun!

If you recreate this look, I'd love to see a picture of it :) Send any pictures, questions, or requests to

Sunday, March 21, 2010

ELF, Jordana, Wet n Wild, LaGirl Eyeliner Pens Swatches, Pictures, Reviews

An eyeliner pen is like a very fine tipped marker that gives the dark of effect of liquid liner, with the ease and precision of a pencil liner. Below are some pictures and reviews on what I think of eyeliner pens.

I will be reviewing... The Jordana/INcolor Fabuliner, The Wet N Wild Mega Eyes Defining Eye Marker, L'Oreal Voluminous Eyeliner Pen, Elf Waterproof Eyeliner Pen, and L.A. Girls Mark My Eyes Bold Eyeliner Pen. Below is an image of each liner, which I drew over twice to make sure it could be seen in the picture. They are in order as listed above. The second image is after running my finger down each liner to see how much they will smudge.

Jordana/ INcolor Fabuliner
The Jordana Fabuliner works very well. It has a fine tip, but it is still sturdy enough not to bend too much when pressing around the eye. It is dark and looks just like liquid liner. The one con I have for this liner is that it is not waterproof. If you have a problem with runny eyes, allergies, or just tend to rub your eyes sometimes, it will wear off or rub off. The inner corners of my eyes always water, so after an hour or so, I have none of this liner left in the corners. However, liner on the rest of my eye does stay put. This liner can be found at Walgreens for $1.99. I would give the Jordana Fabuliner 3.5 stars out of 5. I would probably give it 4.5 if they had a waterproof version.

Wet N Wild Mega Eyes The tip of the Wet N Wild liner is very similar to the Jordana Fabuliner, but it just a tad thinner. The first day I bought this liner, it was super dark and easy to apply onto the eye. However, the second day I tried to use it, it was no longer dark and required me to go over my eye several times, which started to cause irritation. Also, this liner wears off extremely quickly. It lasted roughly 3 hours on my eyes before it was almost entirely gone. This can be at Walgreens and most other drugstores for around $4. I give this liner a 2.5 out of 5 stars.

L'Oreal Voluminous Eyeliner Pen
The L'Oreal Voluminous pen looks much different than the other pens. It has a slanted tip and is very hard. This pen would do well to make the outer tip of a cat eye, but I could not get it to work for lining the entire eye. This liner tip is just far too hard to draw with. It hurts and tugs on the delicate eye area, and I would not recommend using it. It is really dark, and I like the formula, but they really need to improve on the applicator. L'Oreal Voluminous Eyeliner Pens can be found at almost any retailer for around $8. I give the L'Oreal liner 1 out 5 stars because I simply cannot use it.

Elf Waterproof Eyeliner Pen
The Elf Waterproof Eyeliner Pen has an almost identical tip to the Jordana Fabuliner, but is a little softer after use. The intensity of this liner is buildable, and it does not rub off or wear off from watery eyes. The tip feels a little sharp the first you use it. However, it becomes much softer after the second use. The only flaw with this pen is the cap. The cap needs to secure more tightly than it does. The lids on the other pens all make a click and cannot be bumped off the liner. These lids can be bumped off and do not provide an air tight click, which makes them dry out a little quicker. However, the Elf Eyeliner Pen is still my favorite one. It is the easiest to use, and wears the longest. Plus they have several other colors to choose from, including Plum, Ash, Midnight, Coffee, and Black. The plum and midnight look more black than blue and purple, but when compared to the black, you can tell there is a hint of purple tones in the plum, and a blue based tone to the midnight. The Elf Waterproof Eyeliner Pen can be found in some Target and KMart stores for $1 and on Overall, I would give this liner 4 out 5 stars because it is the best out of all of the liners listed, but the lid needs to fit on more tightly to prevent it from drying out.

L.A. Girls Mark My Eyes Bold Eyeliner
The L.A. Girls Mark My Eyes looks identical to a marker. It has a very thick applicator, exactly like a marker. The idea is that this will provide bolder, thicker lines for dramatic looks. This pen goes on very dark and thick, but I find that it bleeds into the little lines of your skin. I do not even have wrinkles, but the eyeliner bled down around my eye. The staying power is about average. It was a little worn off by the end of the day, but did not look anywhere near perfect, and it does smudge quite a bit. The L.A. Girls Mark My Eyes can be found on for around $5. I would give this liner 2.5 out of 5 stars because of the bleeding.

Overall, I love eyeliner pens. They are so easy to draw with and are very dark. I suggest trying some out if you like the bold liquid liner look, but would like to have the ease of a pencil liner.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Guide To Basic Makeup Brushes

Beginners may feel lost in a sea of makeup tools and left wondering exactly which brushes they need and how to use them. This guide will explain the basic makeup brushes that everyone needs and how to put them to their best uses.

Makeup brushes can be separated into three categories: Eyes, Face, and Lips.

There are several different types of eye brushes, but I feel the basic eye brushes that everyone should own are a normal fluffy eyeshadow brush, a blending eye brush, and an angled eye brush.

Flat Shader Eyeshadow Brush
A fluffy eyeshadow brush is used to place color all over the eyelid and can also be used to apply the crease shade, as well as the eyebrow bone highlighting shade. Depending on how large of an eyeshadow brush you prefer, it could also be used as an inner corner highlighting brush if it is small enough. Some people prefer a different brush for each of these tasks, but for beginners, I feel a normal eyeshadow brush can be used for all of these applications.

Blending Eye Brush
A blending eye brush is also an important brush to own. Blending eye brushes are often a little smaller, slimmer, and rounder than a normal eyeshadow brush. This is because the brush needs to get into smaller places to blend out the harsh lines of the eyeshadow. It is also used to blend two colors together for a more seamless look. Note.. You may also see them named as tapered eye brushes.

Angled Eye Brush
An angled eye brush is used to line the top or bottom lash line with color. The angle helps to maneuver all around the eye and also aids in making line extensions, like for a cat eye look.

The next group is face brushes. The most important face brushes to own are a flat top powder brush, a blush brush, a contour brush, and a foundation brush or stippling.

Flat Top Brush
A flat top powder brush can actually be used for more than just powder. It can be used to apply blush to the the apples of the cheeks, or it can be used to buff on liquid foundation or mineral foundation quickly all over the face.

Blush Brush
A blush brush comes in variety of forms. They can be large and fluffy, round and dense, and even angled. I find that I liked angled blush brushes because you can use the top to sweep all over the cheek, or you can use the side of the angled part to apply contour under the cheek bone or to apply blush to smaller areas of the cheek. The brushes can also be used to apply bronzer to the forehead, nose, and cheeks.

Contour Brush
If your blush brush is not angled or you prefer a separate brush for contouring and blush, you will need an angled contour brush. Angled works best for these brushes so you can glide the brush down around the shape of your cheek, nose, or chin area... pretty much wherever you feel the need to contour.

Foundation and Stippling Brush
Next, you will need a foundation brush for your face. I actually prefer to use a stippling brush for foundation, which is basically like a flat top powder brush, except it often has an extra layer of less dense white bristles on top. The stippling brush is then used to pat on the foundation, rather than rubbing it on, which results in a more airbrushed look. Stippling brushes are also larger, so the foundation application will be much quicker than using a normal foundation brush. The benefit of a normal foundation brush is that it can get into the smaller areas and curves of your face, such as around the sides of the nose and mouth and between the eye and nose area, which would be harder to reach using the larger stippling brush. Foundation brushes can also be used for contouring the cheeks if they are angled.


Lip Brush
Finally, you will need a lip brush. Lip brushes are good for when you want a really precise application of lipstick. I honestly rarely use a lip brush, but I have found they come in handy when you have almost used up a tube of lipstick. When the lipstick is very worn down or rounded out, applying it evenly to the lips is almost impossible, so with a small lip brush, you can dip it onto lipstick and place it precisely on your lips.

Hopefully this information has helped you understand makeup brushes a little more. Remember, you don't have to use the brushes the way the package tells you, or the way I tell you. If you find that using an eye brush for your lips works, then go for it. If you think a powder brush works for contouring, then use it that way. It's all about finding which brushes work the best for you and your face shape. Good Luck!

If you have any questions about makeup brushes, where to buy them, which ones i prefer, or any other makeup questions or business enquirers, feel free to email me at

Note: Top photo taken by and credited to michellexstar and all other photos credited to their rightful owners.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Spring Nail Polish Trends/Review

Baby blues, lovely lilacs, pastel pinks, and even more fun nail polish colors have recently hit the shelves of drugstores and salons. Several different trends are happening this spring in nail polish land, and I happen to love them all.

Trend #1- Creamy Lilacs and other light purples

Trend #2- Pastels, especially mint colors

Trend #3- Nudes

The lilac trend. Who doesn't love purple? I know I've always loved it, and these pretty purple shades are a great way to celebrate the entrance of spring and all its colors. My pick for one of the best purples this spring is Lively Lilac (pictured above) from the Sally Hansen Insta-Dry line.

Pastels, pastels, and more pastels. You are more likely to find the creamy pastels in salons with the higher end nail polish brands, such as OPI, Essie, and China Glaze, but it seems some drugstore brands have also figured out the trend in time for spring.
Wet 'N' Wild has a new beautiful pastel pink, tickled pink (pictured above). It does require two to three coats, but its still gorgeous. They also have a pastel, yet neon, orange color called Sunny Side Up (pictured above). The good thing about this color is that it will also be in style for this summer. (Sssp... The Summer trend will be neons!). And If you are searching for a drugstore minty shade, try Sinful Colors in Mint Candy Apple (pictured below).

A nude lip isn't the only nude thing in right now...Yeah, that's right...I'm talking nude nails! Maybe pastel and color isn't your thing or maybe you work somewhere more conservative. The great thing about this trend is nude nails go with everything and can be worn anywhere. There is also a different shade of nude sure to please almost everyone. There are light pinkey nudes, slightly brown nudes, and even purpley grey nudes (yes,those verge on not being nude, but we can get away with it). My pick for favorite mauvey pink nude is Hot Cocoa from the Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro line. I also like their Steel Grey, which is more of a plumy nude.

Overall, everyone has a lot of pretty colors to choose from this spring. If you think these colors are bright, just wait until the summer polishes hit shelves... and expect a nice review about them from me when they do :)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Covergirl Lash Blast Vs. Lash Blast Length Swatches, Pictures, Review

The Covergirl Lash Blast mascara has rave reviews and has sold millions. Shortly after its release, Covergirl decided to bank on the Lash Blast name and introduced a new mascara to the Lash Blast line, Lash Blast Length. It claims to dramatically lengthen lashes, while still having the same other effects as regular Lash Blast.

Pictured above Lash Blast Length and Lash Blast.

The main difference between these mascaras seems to be the brush. The regular Lash Blast has a very thick rubber brush, while Length has has a much thinner and longer brush.

Lash Blast on top, Last Blast Length on bottom.

As seen in the top pictures, the regular Lash Blast made my lashes look a lot darker, but didn't do much for lengthening. It also clumped some of the lashes together. The picture on the bottom shows Lash Blast Length, which seems to have separated my lashes and gives the appearance of more lashes.

Which mascara would I choose? I would choose Lash Blast Length over the regular Lash Blast, but personally, neither mascara fulfills my needs. I like dramatic mascaras that separate, volumize, curl, and lengthen. However, if you are looking for a natural mascara that is good for separating, go for Lash Blast Length.

*Bonus Mini Review*
-My Favorite Mascara-

My favorite mascara is L'oreal Voluminous Carbon Black. This mascara dramatically darkens the lashes, while adding tons of volume and some length.

The packaging of this mascara is very nice. Voluminous comes in a sleek black tube with gold writing and a shiny gold cap.

The brush is pretty standard to most mascaras, but the formula is amazing. It does not clump my lashes and makes them so much darker and fuller.

I love L'oreal Voluminous Carbon Black :)

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